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The game platform is currently working on several new games that will launch in the near future. Axie Infinity is an online NFT (non-fungible token) based game created by Sky Mavis in Vietnam. It is known for its in-game economy, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Where to invest in metaverse crypto

Please note that each coin is different and may have different use cases. For instance, some coins may only be used within their metaverses, while others can be used for cryptocurrency trading on exchanges. In most cases, these metaverse coins may grant holders access to VIP features or allow them to compete against other players. Metaverse crypto is a sub-set how to invest in metaverse of cryptocurrencies that enable users of blockchain-powered virtual worlds to buy and sell digital assets, such as virtual land, real estate, or avatar items. Like all crypto assets, however, they are high-risk investments, which means conducting thorough research is essential before making the decision to add metaverse tokens into your crypto portfolio.

And while Uniswap’s listings are limited to Ethereum tokens, most metaverse cryptocurrencies are ERC-20 tokens anyway. That said, the more obscure metaverse tokens may not have liquidity for fiat trading pairs. Therefore, traders may be required to first purchase a bigger cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum, before subsequently swapping it into the more niche metaverse token they desire.

These three metaverse stocks are set to grow for the internet’s next evolution. Otherside will be a metaverse game with a fully-fledged MMORPG virtual world. Holders may participate in the governance of DAO or gain access to exclusive mints, games events, merchandise, and services. Alien Worlds is a DeFi metaverse that uses blockchain technology to allow players to compete for scarce resources within the community. Players can take the game to the next level by purchasing Trillium (TLM) and gaining voting rights in the Planet’s DAO.

Axie Infinity players can collect and mint NFTs, which are digital pets known as Axies. The Sandbox is basically a game, and it’s achieving the vision of the metaverse by incorporating a VR component. Atari, a gaming company, is backing it, which could be helpful in the current crypto crash. The cryptocurrency market is highly attractive and there are more and more new metaverse coins springing up in the industry. With hundreds of options, it definitely becomes a daunting task to find the best metaverse coins to invest in. To recommend the best metaverse coins that can bring you good returns we consider several factors.

Where to invest in metaverse crypto

While the media hype is deafening, your average netizen isn’t fully aware of what a metaverse is, how it operates, and, most importantly, what benefits and opportunities it can offer users. Several companies are working on Metaverse initiatives whose stocks you can buy, including Roblox (RBLX), NVIDIA (NVDA), Microsoft (MSFT), etc. It is looking to use Metaverse to rebrand its design and manufacturing process. The company plans to stake about $15 billion into the space over the next decade. In addition, the company has already decided to invest $50 million in building a ‘responsible’ Metaverse. Furthermore, in late Feb. 2022, the platform hosted a virtual event to discuss how the Metaverse can be an optimal virtual experience that can be achieved by improving AI.

Illuvium is an open-world gaming platform, a metaverse project based on an RPG (role-playing game) framework. Players in a completely immersive setting are assigned the duty of hunting animals, referred to as Illuvials. Seeing as the metaverse is still evolving, it’s important that users always DYOR before making a purchase or investing in the digital assets they are interested in. Then there’s the 13% metaverse cryptocurrency, which includes Decentraland, Enjin, and The Sandbox, which some investors prefer purchasing land. In short, investment activity is necessary for a metaverse to function and succeed.

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Decentralized exchanges allow for ETH pairings with even the most valuable metaverse coins and metaverse crypto coins. Enjin is a blockchain-based technology that allows for the management of in-game objects across multiple properties.

To offer some insight into the best metaverse opportunities in the market today – we will now discuss 10 notable investments. This once again highlights that serious capital is being pumped into the metaverse investment scene, even though the concept is still in its infancy. Within the metaverse world, each NFT is unique from the next and enables investors to prove that they own a digital item. Crucially, each virtual plot of land is represented by an NFT, which ensures that it can be traded or even flipped after making the purchase. Overall, Tamadoge represents one of the best ways to invest in the metaverse.

  • The value of an Axie will depend on its rarity, and some of these Axies NFTs have been sold in the past for up to $100,000.
  • Ledger also has a built-in Swap feature that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies via partner exchanges like Changelly and Moonpay.
  • These factors all contribute to the long-term growth potential and sustainability of The Sandbox.

If you’re going against the conventional route, you can also use a decentralized exchange (DEX) to purchase metaverse coins. This means Know Your Customer (KYC) is not required—rules that help verify users and prevent criminal and money laundering activity. The Sandbox is a virtual world with native tokens to transact with in-game digital assets. SAND can be earned and spent within the Sandbox, just like MANA in Decentraland, another metaverse coin that appears on this list.

Last year, Yuga Labs raised about $320 million in a virtual land sale that allowed APE token holders to purchase parcels in Otherside, Fortune reported. It’s ideal to buy those metaverse coins that have shown potential through performance, utility or powerful financial backing — or all three. Popular methods include investing in digital real estate, creating digital objects, trading digital assets, and building metaverse-based businesses. Like Decentraland, many metaverses offer options to buy and sell digital items, including character outfits and digital objects. Metaverse platforms feature the ability to own digital assets, but they have to be created by someone.

Crypto exchanges like Wyre or Transak will facilitate the conversion, but be warned that they will usually charge a fee. What’s more, investing in the metaverse is also not limited to only trading or holding onto the tokens. Users can also find various ways to interact with the metaverse, such as buying NFT avatars, playing games, and much more. Ledger is another external wallet, specifically a hardware wallet, that is best suited for storing the metaverse tokens you intend to hold long-term. Ledger also has a built-in Swap feature that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies via partner exchanges like Changelly and Moonpay. So far, Ledger supports top metaverse cryptos like Decentraland (MANA), Axie Infinity (AXS), The Sandbox (SAND), Theta Network (THETA), and Enjin Coin (ENJ).

In Dec. 2021, Unity partnered with eBay to offer vendors a 360-degree view to exhibit their products in a palpable, realistic 3D image. Hyundai Motors has also partnered with Unity to create digital twins — a virtual 3D rendition of real-life objects. The automobile company is using the virtual space to improve productivity and generate new innovations in the production process.

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